HAIR EXTENSIONS -  Longevity vs. A Quick Fix

HAIR EXTENSIONS - Longevity vs. A Quick Fix

Posted by CVH on Apr 5th 2018

You have probably been to one before, a massive beauty supply store that sells just about everything you can think of and then some. From full wigs to half wigs, packaged hair in various styles and textures, combs, clamps, etc. You name it and they supply it!  Although the choices can be endless, you really only have two, longevity or a quick fix.  

If you are looking for quality hair that is long lasting, versatile styling, can be colored and reused for up to one year, then longevity is what you want. Virgin hair is the only hair that will provide you with the longevity and styling capability you are looking for.  On the hand, if you want hair that is perfectly styled, offered in all different styles, textures, colors and ready to wear, then a quick fix is what you want.  Store bought hair, although looks very appealing, has a very short life.  I think both choices play a vital role in your desired hair style however, if you’re going to spend a substantial amount of money on hair, then your investment should be based on the following criteria:


How does the hair feel, how does it look, how does it smell, does it tangle when you run your hand through it, are there split ends, etc.


How long will it last? Can you use it more than one time? Will you be able to dye it, apply heat to it and change your style whenever and however you want to? 


How much hair do you have to purchase for the style you want? Will you need a closure or a frontal? Can you exchange the product if you're not satisfied? Can you get a refund? Can the seller guarantee their product?

Just like any other major purchase, hair should be placed in the same category. We all want to make informed choices when spending money. Likewise, you should take time and put some real thought into your next hair purchase. Besides, hair doesn’t make the woman but good hair definitely helps!