Our Peruvian Deep Wave hair can be worn one length or in layers. The natural curl pattern makes this hair care-free and bouncy. This hair also flat-irons perfectly into smooth and beautiful straight style. Each bundle contains approximately 3.5 oz of hair.

Our Peruvian Deep Wave collection is completely natural and untouched. Since the hair in this collection has not been altered in any way, it has the ability to be manipulated with any hot tool and return to its natural state.

  • Can be straightened with the use of blow dryer and flat iron.
  • Texture allows for long-lasting curls. 
  • A curling wand/iron may be used at a low temperature to blend with natural hair or define curls. 
  • Returns to its original curl pattern after every shampoo and condition. 
  • To define curls: Handling the hair during the drying process can cause frizziness. If a fuller look is desired, wait until hair is completely dry to manipulate to maintain softness and manageability. 
    • Use paddle brush to detangle wet hair; 
    • Distribute product evenly; 
    • Scrunch; 
    • Allow to air dry or use diffuser for more volume.
  • Product Suggestions: Argan Oil; Curl defining crème, spray, mousse, etc. Please note: Curl defining products are more effective when applied to wet hair. Mix these products with French Argan Oil to maintain softness and manageability.
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Peruvian Deep Wave Peruvian Deep Wave

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