Cheveux Virgin Hair company is an exclusive virgin hair importer of Brazilian, Italian, Malaysian, Peruvian and Russian Blonde extensions and accessories.  At Cheveux Virgin Hair we like to think of our hair extensions and accessories as a lifestyle investment for the woman who is looking for quality virgin hair that will last for a long time.  

We offer two distinctive lines of hair.  Our premium line of hair caters to the woman who wants to look good and feel good but doesn't want to break the bank to do so.  Yet a high quality of hair, it can be reused several times when properly maintained.  Our luxury line of hair is for the woman who doesn't mind indulging on hair that she can depend on for years. This luxury line of hair is thick, soft, and silky and well worth the investment for its longevity of usage. All of our hair can be dyed or bleached, straightened or curled and will return back to its original pattern with the proper maintenance.  

At Cheveux Virgin Hair we pride ourselves on exemplary customer service and a quick turnaround time on our shipments.  Even more, we stand by a 100% quality guarantee against manufacturing defects.  So the next time you decide to make a hair investment, "Do You With Cheveux!"