Cheveux Virgin Hair weight is 3.0 – 3.5 oz.  The weight of our hair excludes the weft.  Our hair ships with a 100% quality guarantee against manufacturing defects when installed and maintained in the professional manner in which it is intended.  We recommend you follow these hair care instructions so you will enjoy great, long lasting hair:

  • If tracks are cut during your install, they should be sealed.
  • When highly recommend a professional hairstylist to apply dye and/or bleach to your hair extensions.
  • We suggest that you visit your stylist regularly to have your hair and extensions shampooed as it is critical that your hair is properly cleansed and dried.
  • Hair extensions should not be handled rigorously and should always be shampooed in a downward motion.
  • Hot tools can contribute to split ends, shortening the life of your extensions so please keep hair ends trimmed and properly maintained.
  • Always wash hair with premium shampoo (no higher than pH 7) and conditioner to maintain softness and manageability in between your visits to your hair stylist.
  • Let your hair air-dry.
  • When using styling aids such as mouse, gel and hairspray, use in moderation (preferably alcohol free products).

Static:  In colder months you may experience some static. Dampen your hands with water and rub hands together so they become warm.  Run your hands over your hair without touching it.  This will help control the static.

Swimming:  Don't cover your hair with a swimming cap or any other device.  However before swimming comb out tangles and braid hair into one or two braids either in the back or on each side. Immediately after swimming undo your braids, comb out tangles and let it air dry.  Shampoo and condition your hair like your normal routine.

Sleeping:  Braid your hair in one or two braids and always use a 100% silk bonnet before going to bed.